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Season 01

Gatekeeping and Imposter Syndrome

un•cult•ured April 10, 2020 142

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Welcome to the un-cult-ured podcast!

Have you ever felt like your blossoming interest in a new fandom has been burnt to a crisp by the veterans of that community? An unfortunate thing that occurs among veteran fans of a piece of art is a tendency to “gatekeep” newer members, almost as a means of hazing to ensure that only “true fans” of the series survive. This can give rise to “nerd imposter syndrome” where you feel unworthy to become a fan of a new piece of culture. This can be especially true for former members of cults and high control groups, where you were severely restricted in the kinds of entertainment you could watch.

Join Germ, Patricia, Covert Fade, and Jordan for this episode where we do a deep dive into the culture of gatekeeping and how to combat nerd imposter syndrome.

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